lördag 4 juni 2011

Funny how a little conversation can trigger a flood of memories.  When I was around 14 years old the family and I went to visit family living in Canada.  A fun filled time with snow, shorts and cowboy stuff.  Great.  My Aunty died many years later and in her memory I planted a honeysuckle and a clematis.  Every year these two plants flower like crazy and I can sit on my front porch and remember. 

torsdag 2 juni 2011

Flowers to make you welcome

One of the best things about summer is being able to spend lots of time outside without the need for loads of clothes to keep you warm and that colour comes back into the world.  Have been out today and purchased some flowers, needed a change and I am happy.  Tomorrow is weed pulling and slug hunting day.  Can't let the small beasties eat the new flowers now can we!

tisdag 31 maj 2011

Warm weather and lazy days

Summer is on the way, I can feel it, even if we have had an awful lot of rain just lately.  In fact why am I in here writing this when I should be in the garden getting my hands dirty pulling up weeds!

söndag 22 maj 2011

Batton down the hatches!

There is a storm on the way, have been around the garden putting things away and anything that can blow away is safe.  So typical though really as the plants are all starting to flower and I suppose the wind and rain will destroy a lot of them over night.  Fingers crossed there isn't much damage.  The storm is has a class one warning...eek!

fredag 13 maj 2011


Okay, I have had a terrible week what with one thing and another but yesterday I received some fantastic news that made all the troubles of the past week disappear.  I passed my FACE test!  That is a test for the Face Painting Association, based in the UK but with members all over the world and I, little Boo, am the first FACE member in Sweden!  How exciting is that?  I am not sure it has sunk in yet, keep checking my email to re-read the news, just in case it was all a Dallas type dream!

onsdag 11 maj 2011


The older I get the less patient I am becoming when it involves waiting for something.  I vowed never to be like it but I was grabbed by the hand of old age who spoon fed me some 'impatients'.  The thing is, Sweden is a country where they wait patiently, they like to queue for everything and have a number lap system for most things, but when I am waiting for something to happen, or I am waiting for news I have become VERY impatient.  So to the fairy who knows the secrets of everthing I am waiting for, can you please fly down over my house and let me in on the secrets.

Crash and bang

Today we had the first thunderstorm of the year and the rain was intense however it was a bit odd...I looked out into the back garden and saw rain, looked out into the front and saw sunshine.  Have I entered the twilight zone?